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What is the Chargeable Weight for Air Freight?
Chargeable Weight was created as a conversion factor for air freight in order to bridge the difference between volume and weight. After all, 1,000 KGs of feathers requires a larger volume than 1,000 KGs of lead. In order to be able to charge this difference equally, a conversion factor was called into life.

With air freight, 1 cubic metre (CBM) equals 167 KGs. Sea freight LCL, 1 CBM equals 1,000 KGs, while with road transport 1 CBM equals 333 KGss (measuring 3 times). The highest weight (volume or actual) is charged.

What is the process of Export Frozen Seafood from KUL to Macau?
Frozen Seafood require export license and this is mandatory in Malaysia. Freight forwarder not allow to apply on behalf. You need to visit nearest MQIS for assistant.
What is the quantity limit for dry ice?
Airline approval is required for any amount of Dry ice. Usually, airline will allow maximum 200KG for Dry ice. This 200KG is the sum of dry ice for all cargoes.

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